• Our Mission & Vision

Scout the globe for trusted partners seeking to fulfil unmet medical needs and push boundaries in healthcare innovation

Build and foster pioneering and resilient healthcare businesses to improve healthcare quality and access for the benefit of all people

Deliver the best results for our Limited Partners while creating a fulfilling work community where colleagues can grow and thrive

  • CBC at a Glance


CBC Group is a healthcare-dedicated investment firm focused on middle & late-stage growth and buyout investment opportunities in China including the pharmaceutical/ biotech, medical technology and healthcare services sub-sectors

Investor-operator Heritage

In pursuing control-oriented investment firm CBC seeks to drive value creation and optimize exits from the ground up, delving deep into portfolio companies’ operations from the outset to achieve and extend commercialization and generate attractive returns for stakeholders

Leading Team

Our integrated team comprises of a group of talented professionals including seasoned investors, healthcare experts, senior executives and experienced operational staff. The talent and dedication of our people is critical to our success, and we are committed to creating a rewarding work environment

Long-term Partners

CBC Group aims to achieve shared growth and alignment with portfolio companies through its differentiated portfolio management model. We are committed to accumulating this industry experience over time, with the aim to develop an ecosystem of expertise to build transformative healthcare businesses

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