CMAB Biopharma Resumes Full-Scale Operation Following the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Outbreak

Mar  2020

CMAB Biopharma (Suzhou) Inc. ("CMAB"), has continued to monitor the development of the COVID-19 pandemic and has taken proactive measures to primarily protect the health of our employees worldwide

SUZHOU, China, March 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- CMAB Biopharma (Suzhou) Inc. ("CMAB"), has continued to monitor the development of the COVID-19 pandemic and has taken proactive measures to primarily protect the health of our employees worldwide. Based on our continuous assessment and management of the situation at our facility in Suzhou, we have succeeded in maintaining the safe and consistent operation of our R&D and manufacturing services for our employees and clients. CMAB has now resumed full operation and remains vigilant in accordance with local and national guidelines.

On January 21 , 2020, CMAB set up a pandemic prevention and control Committee, led by Dr. Yongzhong Wang, CEO. Our Committee deployed various pandemic prevention and control measures in advance, led by our Environment, Health and Safety (EHS), Public Relations (PR), Human Resources (HR), Procurement, Supply Chain Management (SCM) and IT departments. Under the premise of ensuring the safety and health of employees and in order to ensure the continuous progress of our customer projects, CMAB has gradually resumed operation with the approval of the local government on February 2 . On March 11 , CMAB of?cially realized fullscale operation after strict risk assessment and detailed deployment by our Committee.

The pandemic prevention and control measures of CMAB included: formulation of guidelines and management measures, implementation of personal health registration for all staff and visitors, establishment of health check points for daily temperature monitoring, provision of personal protective equipment (medical masks, protective goggles, protective gloves), and alcohol disinfection every two hours, At the same time, CMAB strictly regulated employees, visitors and third-party personnel in accordance with local government requirements to reduce unnecessary business trips and visits. For remote and international customers the company has implemented dedicated video and teleconference channels to avoid the potential risks of in person meetings.

Dr. Wang Yongzhong, CEO of CMAB said: "With careful management and a proactive response to the recent pandemic, we have been able to mitigate major negative effects to the business of CMAB. We continue to evaluate the potential impact of the pandemic on the global supply chain of key raw materials and are actively take corresponding measures. At the same time, we are maintaining one-on-one communication with customers to ensure the rapid progress of projects and maximize the bene?ts of customers. As a leading global biologics CDMO, CMAB has consistently prioritized our employees and customers in everything we do. We continue to work towards being the CDMO that achieves the fastest drug listing in China and globally based on our international product quality system and the experienced regulatory team in dual IND ?lings in both China and the United States."

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